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Here to Help You Explore Your Passion

Pile of Books

Read Classics Journals

Society for Classical Studies or Eidolon

With over a hundred different journals listed, there will always be enough to read on this page. There are a plethora of topics, ranging from archeology to mythology to history. The Society for Classical Studies lists very scholarly journals whereas Eidolon publishes "scholarly writing about Classics that isn’t formal scholarship."Chances are there will be articles, if not entire journals, on your interests! Click the button below to learn more about Eidolon!

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Get Involved in the NJCL

National Junior Classical League

The NJCL is a wonderful way for middle and high school students to socialize and bond with other Classics-loving peers across the United States. With activities such as its annual convention, the NJCL is not only fun to participate in, but also provides academic challenges. Check out videos from the 2021 NJCL virtual convention on NJCL's YouTube channel, along with more recent updates on the NJCL Instagram. Also, start getting excited for the 2023 NJCL convention at Emory University! Click the button below to explore NJCL's website, which has information on academic exams and other programs!

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Attend Free Online Lectures

The Paideia Institute

The Paideia Institute hosts public lectures on a variety of Classical matters, from discussing Hadrian's Wall to analyzing the presence of Classics during the age of Louis XIV. Led by post-graduate school scholars, PhDs, and more, these lectures are recorded for accessibility on Paideia's YouTube channel. The button below will bring you to a page featuring upcoming lectures!

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Download Helpful Apps

App Store or Google Play Store

Wherever you download your apps, there are certainly ones to help you learn Latin. Duolingo, for instance, is a free app that will teach Latin for all skill levels, including beginners. Click the button below to check out Duolingo. There are also various Latin and Ancient Greek dictionary apps, such as SPQR and Ancient Greek made by Paul Hudson (App Store only). Ancient Greek also has a translation feature to help you study dozens of authors and their texts. Many of these apps cost anywhere from $4-$10, but they are certainly worth the money in the long run!

Computer Programming

Use Supportive Software


Alpheios is a browser extension that helps you read ancient texts in their original form. Don't worry if you don't have a sufficient vocabulary or know all the grammatical structures. Alpheios is here to help you! Alpheios offers tools on grammar, inflections, and vocabulary, even compiling a list of words that you have searched. Click the button below to check out their website and start reading actual Latin, Ancient Greek, and more!


Find a Suitable Dictionary

Lewis and Short, Wiktionary, Latin is Simple

Online you can find dozens of Latin dictionaries that will not only translate a word, but also provide forms of the word, and even possibly its etymology. With that being said, different sites are suitable for different people. For example, Lewis and Short Dictionary is very reliable but can be difficult to navigate.  Wiktionary uses Lewis and Short for its Latin definitions, but presents words in a cleaner manner. However, it does not include the examples of word usage. Wiktionary can also be used for Ancient Greek and dozens of other languages. Another helpful dictionary is Latin is Simple, which can translate a full sentence and even analyze each word. Click below to try out Latin is Simple!


Read Classical Texts in English

Perseus Digital Library

Even if your skills are not developed enough to read Classical texts in their original language/form, reading English translations can still be invaluable.  Run by Tufts University, Perseus Digital Library contains English translations for thousands of Greek and Latin texts, though the website does not show the original and the translation side by side. 

Democratizing Access to Latin and the Classics

Image by Aliis Sinisalu

Discover Books That Interest You

Project Gutenberg

Read free books and plays written by the Greeks and Romans! Visit websites such as Project Gutenberg for free eBooks with your favorite Classical authors! Furthermore, have you ever read a Greek play and are interested in reading a modern adaptation of the play? Some suggestions include Home Fire based on Sophocles's Antigone, Moloara based on Aeschylus's Oresteia Trilogy, or The Songs of the Kings based on Euripides's telling of Iphigenia at Aulis. Or maybe you would appreciate a twist in classic tales, such as Madeline Miller's Circe and Song of Achilles? Perhaps you have broader questions about the Classical world, such as if there was racism. Then you might want to read Untangling Blackness in Greek Antiquity. Find a topic that interests you, and you can probably find a book or article about it relating to the ancient world!

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