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Democratizing Access to Latin and the Classics

Our Projects

Read more in-depth about our efforts below.

Your Odyssey

Based on the story of Homer's Odyssey, this game is designed to teach both mythology and Latin in an entertaining, yet educational, approach. The game is currently available on both Windows through the Microsoft Store and Mac through the macOS App Store. Mobile will be completed soon. Note that no personal information is requested, and we do not collect any data through the app. This game contains no graphic content, so it is rated appropriate for ages 4+.  Current mini-games include escaping the "maze" of Polyphemus' cave, winning "hangman" to remain hidden from Polyphemus, running to find Tiresias in the Underworld, navigating past Scylla and Charybdis, and hunting the Cattle of Helios. See if you can complete Odysseus's journey or if you will remain stranded at sea! 

Your Odyssey Title Page
Your Odyssey Home Page
Your Odyssey Polyphemus Cave
Your Odyssey Scyalla and Charybdis

Latin for All Podcast

We are excited to announce that our first episode will be published in March! With our guests Professor Nandini Pandey from Johns Hopkins University and Ms. Michelle Bayouth from Waynflete Academy, we plan to discuss diversity in the ancient world and today! To promote diversifying access to the Classics, we will also be addressing program closures and inclusive pedagogy.

On our April episode, we will be welcoming a scholar to explore Sappho, the lesbian Ancient Greek poetess, and her works' reception. Stay tuned for more updates!

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