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Download Your Odyssey now!

Recently, Latin for All finished developing the desktop version of its game, Your Odyssey. Dani has been working on this project for three years, teaching herself how to use the game engine Unity and code in C# in the process. She is, therefore, incredibly proud of (and satisfied with) the final product!

Dani created this game with the intent of spreading her love for the tale of Homer’s Odyssey. Attempting to simulate this journey, Dani designed various mini-games representing the different challenges that Odysseus encountered. To learn more about the game itself, check out the projects page.

Now that the game is free to the public, Dani hopes that more people will be able to access learning mythology and Latin. Her goal is for other people to develop a similar love for stories such as the Odyssey.

Download here for PC and here for Mac now! Please leave a review if you enjoyed the game :)

Your Odyssey Title Page

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