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Democratizing Access to Latin and the Classics


Our Mission

Why "Latin for All"?

Latin, and Classics as a whole, has traditionally been reserved for the elite. Access to learning Classical languages is still not widespread across the United States and many other parts of the world.


Our goal is to bring Classics into the 21st century by reimagining accessibility and democratizing learning for all.



Our Involvement

How We Serve Our Community and the World

Local Aequora Site

Aequora is a program that teaches literacy through Latin. Targeting fourth through sixth grade students, Aequora uses fun lessons and activities to teach about the Romans and Latin while drawing connections to English and Spanish. To read about our site, check out the blog on the home page for recent updates, or click the button to go to our Aequora site page.

"Your Odyssey" Game

Based on the story of Homer's Odyssey, this game is designed to teach both mythology and Latin in an entertaining, yet educational, approach. See if you can complete Odysseus's journey or if you will remain stranded at sea! Learn more on the projects page! Download for your computer now!

Latin for All Podcast

With the intent of spreading awareness about some of the lesser-known aspects of the Classical world, this podcast will explore topics such as diversity, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and more. We are thankful for all the help of the scholars featured in our episodes. If you would like  to learn more, click to link below to recent updates in the projects section.


Our Story

Latin for All was founded by Danielle Kobrick in the summer of 2021. Concerned that the Latin program in her own school district would be discontinued, Dani sought a way to support not only her own community, but also young scholars around the world.

Our Team

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Dani Kobrick

Founder and President

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Dani Kobrick is a senior at John L, Miller Great Neck North High School in Great Neck, New York. Since initially taking Latin in sixth grade, she has grown into an aspiring ancient civilization scholar committed to democratizing the learning of language, culture, and history for all.

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Jules Sanders

Executive Vice President

Jules Sanders is a junior at John L. Miller Great Neck North High School in Great Neck, New York. He has taken Latin for six years and Ancient Greek for four, with more sure to follow. He has a fervent passion for studies of the ancient world, and he plans to major in Classics or anthropology in higher education.


Abigail Monasebian


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Abigail Monasebian is a sophomore at John L. Miller Great Neck North High School in Great Neck, New York. She has been self-taught in Latin for three years, as well as Ancient Greek. Accompanying her vehement passion for writing, she is a published short story writer, associate editor for her school newspaper, and is writing her own book.

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